Preview – Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

The idea of combining a historical documentary with drama might seem a bit gimmicky when you first hear it, but perhaps we should at least have a quick look at this opener before we judge.

The premise behind Six Wives sees historian Lucy Worsley travel back in time to the court Henry VIII (Scott Arthur), presenting the story of his six wives as if by eavesdropping on the events as they happened.

The first episode begins with Henry’s marriage to his first wife Catherine of Aragon (Paola Bontempi) and her struggle to provide a male heir, while Henry soon moves onto the Boleyn sisters, Anne and Mary (Claire Cooper and Tiffany Ceri).

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley is on BBC One at 21.00 in England and Northern Ireland, 22.40 in Wales and 23.45 in Scotland.