Preview – Skyfall


Expect your fair share of thrills, kills and steamy encounters as Bond returns to the silver screen in 2012’s action-thriller Skyfall. Daniel Craig reprises the role of Ian Fleming’s legendary secret agent alongside Dame Judi Dench as Q, while 2-film absentees Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris return as Q and Moneypenny respectively. New to the cast, Ralph Fiennes is cast as Gareth Mallory, the chairman of the British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security commitee, and Javier Bardem comes in as the film main antagonist, the vengeful and calculating Raoul Silva.

The film begins with a categoric disaster for the British secret service as Bond is wounded and presumed dead and his target, a mercenary named “Patrice”, escapes with a hard-drive containing the locations of assets, state secrets and identities of MI6 operatives around the world. After an attack on their headquarters, M (Dench) is forced to relocate the agency before being contacted by a ghost of her past; former MI6 agent turned-cyberterrorist Raoul Silva. As the agents play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with their illusive adversary, their worst fears soon begin to be realised – has Bond finally met his match?


Skyfall (2012) – Sunday 8:00pm on ITV2