Preview – Smile! The Nation’s Family Album

Photo album

The family photo album is a thing of the past; millennial families are more likely to sit down around a screen to reveal holiday snapshots while explaining to granddad how Instagram works, rather that flick through a carefully collected album.

However, the idea of keeping a record of birthday’s, celebrations and even a walk in the park with a dog has remained, with the advances in camera phone photography making it easier than ever to capture all moments of everyday, modern life.

BBC Four’s documentary, Smile! The Nation’s Family Album, explores how amateur photography offers an intimate portrait of Britain’s post-war social history.

This film reveals the images and the cameras which preserved our most precious memories. Discovering how new technologies and evolving social attitudes inspired the nation to pick up a camera, the film charts a journey from the Box Brownie to Instagram, offering a touching portrait of our changing lives, taken not by the professional photographer but on our own cameras.

Smile! The Nation’s Family Album, Thursday, 9pm – BBC Four

Image: istock