Preview – Social Housing, Social Cleansing

Social housing

With the British housing market in crisis and with many of the new houses being too expensive for the average briton to privately own, it seems now more than ever we need more so-called “social” housing more than ever. So why then are we seeing a frankly paltry number of new social housing being built in this country? And, moreover, why are we continuing the steady neglect, demolition and regeneration of council estates which we’ve seen happening in the UK over the past 30 years?  Channel 5  invesitgates in their new documentary series: Social Housing, Social Cleansing.

In this hour-long programme Channel 5 sends cameras behind the scenes into the world of economics, development and into the communities which are affected most by the housing crisis. When affordable homes are supposedly a priority for the May government, the documentary delves into the London housing market – where affordability can equate to 80% of the local market rate – and asks why more isn’t being done to improve and increase the number of social housing blocks in the UK.


Social Housing, Social Cleansing –  Wednesday 10:00pm on Channel 5.