Preview: Sort Your Life Out

Sort Your Life Out
Another family’s hoard is sorted at the hands of Stacey. Photo: BBC

Stacey Solomon is here to de-clutter your cupboards, sweep under the stairs, and put your belongings where they belong. This time, Stacey and her gang – organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan – help the Lespeare family sort their life out.

They have seven days to do it, and many obstacles to overcome. Mum Kirsty has limited mobility following an accident, and struggles to stay on top of chores. Dad Taurean and their four children want the team to find storage solutions that won’t damage their rented home.

Possessions include, four toastie makers, 18 gaming controllers and 84 bottles of condiments. Letting go of clothes from before the accident is an emotional hurdle for Kirsty, but Taurean is there to support her, and he owns up to his part in the build up of clutter. 

Sort Your Life Out – Thursday at 8pm on BBC One