Preview – Sound and Vision

Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku. Picture Publicist: Jamie Fry. Photographer: Pro Co.

Sound and Vision is a late-night music programme on Channel 4 presented by Billie JD Porter, looking at socially-conscious music artists.

In this episode, Porter examines Japanese Vocaloid music software. Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer, which is mainly notable for its mascot: Hatsune Miku. She is the name given to one of the voices in the software, and it is custom to credit her as the performer in any music that features the voice. As a result, she has performed on thousands of songs. She has even gone on virtual tours around the world and appeared in various spin-off products.

In the show, Porter examines how the technology has evolved, the ethics behind it, and speaking to those behind the scenes.

Sound and Vision is on Channel 4 at 00.25.