Preview – Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

For most venturing out to South Africa, the holiday is planned with the sole purpose of enjoying the warm climate and seeing the sites whilst indulging on a well-earned break. This is not the case, however, for 22 Brits taking part in series two of, Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, presented by Reggie Yates.

Labelled as being Britain’s toughest civilians, the men and women must now live up to their bluster by enduring a fortnight of hell under the watchful command of six former special forces operators who treat the recruits to some of the toughest ‘selection’ training regimes on the planet.

Straight off the plane, the recruits make their way to base camp but are ambushed en route by Clinton Agnew, a former colonel in the South African special forces – otherwise known as Recces. The civilians are given no time to settle into their new surrounding before the Drill Staff (DS) throw them on a 48-hour endurance test designed to break the recruits and force them to work as a team. The pressure is on – if any member slacks then they will face the wrath of Clinton and his comrades.

Challenged to route marches in blistering heat through the South African bush with concrete blocks on their backs, they are expected to adopt extreme survival skills to remain hydrated – and that means drinking the stomach contents of freshly killed springbok. This show is no I’m a Celeb, and it isn’t long before the contestants are shouting ‘get me out of here!’

Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week, Tuesday, 11.15pm – BBC Two