Preview – Spy in the Wild

Spy in the Wild

Capturing the traits of the animal kingdom like never before, the BBC’s new documentary, Spy in the Wild, takes us on a tour of discovery that has previously been limited, by placing highly advanced and realistic animatronic Spy Creatures into animal habitats.

This week the Spy Creatures allow us to marvel at the intelligence, creativity and intuition of the animals. Spy Orangutan takes us to Borneo and provides astonishing footage of skills the Orangutans has gained from living in close proximity to humans – not only have they improved their personal hygiene but they are now capable of sawing wood!

We also watch as spy otter joins the sea otter colony revealing their interesting methods of catching food and with the help of Spy Squirrel,  see how squirrels defend themselves from a nut robbery.

Taking a lesson in jungle pharmacy – Spy Sloth discovers the pharmaceutical properties of a sloths fur and pays a visit to the miracle tree which can apparently cure any illness – whilst Spy Macaw, Spy Peccary and Spy Spider Monkey watch as jungle birds utilise the medicine that thrives on high cliff faces.

Heading to slightly lower ground, Spy Termite documents the workings of one of nature’s tricksters, the drongo, as he hatches a plan to steal food from the meerkats.

Spy in the Wild, Thursdays, 8pm – BBC One