Preview – Spy in the Wild: Meet the Spies

Spy in the Wild

The documentary series that has allowed us to study the nature of animals like never before, Spy in the Wild deploys carefully crafted and realistic spy animals into their natural habitat to document the behaviour of their real life counterparts.

In this behind the scenes special, the extraordinary and painstaking way in which the Spy Creatures are made is revealed, alongside explanations as to how the concept evolved into the series.

Getting the creatures into the wild proved a challenge, Spy Orangutan is taken by boat to meets it’s wild family in Borneo but quickly settles in, joining with their washing with soap routine. Over in Uganda Spy Crocodile and Spy Hatching tackle the treacherous River Nile in order to meet some rather maternal crocodiles and Spy Egret goes on an African safari with a herd of elephants.

As expected the Spy Creatures often encounter difficult situations. Spy Tortoise is crushed by a five-ton elephant, Spy Hippo gets stuck in the middle of a hippo and crocodile infested river and Spy Cub meets a tragic end when he his discovered by a lone wolf whilst the wolf pack steals clothes from the crew.

Spy in the Wild: Meet the Spies, Friday, 7.30pm – BBC One