Preview: Still Game

Still Game

In the second instalment of this Still Game double-bill, a trip to the cinema creates a mystery for Jack and Victor, Boabby looks for love through internet dating and the Craiglang gang try to make sense of bizarre goings-on.

Jack and Victor head to the cinema to take their minds off their woes: the gang isn’t what it used to be and they need some cheering up. However, Jack gets more than he bargained for after he makes a strange sighting.

At the Clansman, Boabby’s dressed to impress as he waits on his date. Much to the amusement of his regulars, Boabby’s embraced internet dating and encourages Winston to give it a go. Boabby shares his unique dating technique which involves being economical with the truth.

Meanwhile, Navid has a near-miss with a mysterious pedestrian on his way back from the cash and carry. With his nerves jangling, Navid heads to The Clansman, sharing his experience with the confused punters.

With strange shenanigans in Craiglang, Jack, Victor and Isa try and make sense of things, while Winston gives romance a whirl. Rather than adopting Boabby’s dubious dating techniques, Winston hopes truth will bring him a love match.

Jack is played by Ford Kiernan, Victor by Greg Hemphill, Boabby by Gavin Mitchell, Winston by Paul Riley, Navid by Sanjeev Kohli and Isa by Jane McCarry. Also starring Mark Cox as Tam, Kate Donnelly as Frances, Bruce Morton as Sheathing, Scott Reid as Methadone Mick, Claire Gray Wilson as Sinead, John Buick as Joe, Joanna Tope as Winnie, Hazel Anne Crawford as Leanne, Matthew Mooney as the thief, Mary McCusker as Noreen and Benny Young as Terry.

Still Game – Friday at 9.00pm on BBC One.