Preview: Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3
Photo Credits: Netflix

When I first started Stranger Things many months ago I could barely get past episode 4 of Season One and I decided to stop. Mainly due to Mike being very whiny. Perhaps it just wasn’t the show for me, which is strange as a person who loves sci-fi from Dune to Star Trek Discovery. Thus recently I have decided to give it another chance, namely two days ago. 

Fast-forward 48 hours later not only have a finished Season 1 & 2 of Stranger Things I absolutely love it and can’t wait to dive right into Season 3. Season 2 ended with a middle school prom at Hawkins Middle, with our main characters all pairing up and it seemed too cute of an ending. The last shot shows the mind flayer looming ominously over Hawkins Middle in the Upside Down. Which would only suggest the Mind Flayer has not stopped trying to get to our world. Which is something we should expect in Season 3. 

Now as some of you know Stranger Things 3 came out last week on Netflix all eight episodes. I am sure some of you have already finished and is waiting for Stranger Things 4, but for those who are too caught up with life to binge it we can follow it together on here. I will be watching an episode a day following our favourite teenagers and townsfolk as they face a new and present danger in Hawkins. The quiet town is once again quiet no longer. 

Catch all 8 episodes of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix out now. 

Photo Credits: Netflix