Preview – Strike Back

Strike Back

The award-winning action-drama series, Strike Back, returns to British TV this week with its seventh season titled “Revolution”. Following the events of last season’s Retribution storyline, Section 20 are called back into the firing-line when a Russian bomber disappears off the grid.

Daniel MacPherson, Warren Brown and Alin Sumarwata reprise their roles as operatives of Section 20 and face a new host of adversaries this season in the form of Teik Leong Lim’s triad leader, Kim Wei-Fong, and Shivani Ghai’s Anjali Vartak – the leader of a wealthy Hindu-nationalist movement spreading throughout Asia.

In the first episode back, Section 20 are still confined to suspended duty on base in Kenya following the events of Retribution last season. However, their lay-off is cut short as they are thrown back into the line of fire in South-East Asia when a Russian bomber goes missing in the South-China Sea.

Strike Back – Thursday 9:00pm on Sky One.