Preview: Summer of Rockets

Summer of Rockets

Final part of this Cold War drama written and directed by Stephen Poliakov which neatly sews old world paranoia about nuclear Armageddon and Soviet spying with more recent escalations in tensions with Russia.

Tonight, General Armstrong invites Petrukhin to join him at his club and reveals his theory that there’s a cabal of disaffected people working against the future interests of the United Kingdom; a coalition between once-important men who now feel themselves sidelined, and some rogue officers from MI5 and MI6 who believe there is massive Russian penetration in the secret service.

It is easy to see change through revision, it is something else to live through it. Summer of Rockets catches Britain at a pivotal time in its post war recovery; a time of inequality and austerity and a escalating racial tensions. There are certainly parallels to our situation today and it’s an excellent drama too.

Summer of Rockets – Wednesday at 9.00pm on BBC2.