Preview- Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop

Harry Wallop - Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop

The scandal that took social media by storm; when Toblerone announced their reduction in the size of its chocolate bars, there was a nationwide revolt.

The chocolate manufacturer blamed the change on rising costs but Toblerone weren’t the only ones affected, the love, hate brand Marmite also took a hit. A Brexit price row led to a standoff between Tesco and Marmite. And these are by no means the only well-known products to be affected by the vote.

Harry Wallop, trawls our supermarket shelves to reveal what other goods have been affected by ‘shrinkflation’, and the marketing tactics producers use. He examines how much prices have increased since Brexit, and the clever promotions used by the supermarkets.

The programme investigates how leaving the European Union and the imposition of import taxes could affect the cost of our shopping and whether some of our favourite goods could even disappear altogether.

Dispatchers – Supermarkets: Brexit & Your Shrinking Shop, Monday, 8pm – Channel 4