Preview – Syria: The World’s War

Syria World's war

In this two-part BBC documentary mini-series, reporter Lys Doucet takes us through one of the biggest, and arguably unnecessary, humanitarian crisis of the contemporary era. With access to the devastated cities and broken communities left in the Syrian civil war’s wake, Doucet explores how peaceful protest for change spiralled into unspeakable savagery. The series looks at the conflict from a multitude of different perspective from the civilians and fighter loyal to the Assad regime to those who stand against it, from Syrian politicians dealing with the civil disorder to the international powers looking in.

Starting with the chemical attack on Ghouta this episode investigates the precursors and triggers for the conflict, telling the stories of two people in Homs; one a rebel, the other a government loyalist. Perspective is a massively important thing in conflicts like this and Doucet goes on to illustrate that; while the protestor saw the demonstrations as a means to achieve freedom and democracy, the loyalist saw the loud and often violent protests as a threat to their safety. As the civil war began to engulf the state, Lys talks to some of the key foreign players involved in deciding whether or not military intervention was the way forward. With tensions between foreign countries rising over the crisis, if we aren’t careful could this spell the beginning of another major conflict, one which spreads far wider than just one country?


Syria: The World’s War – Thursday 9:00pm on BBC2.