Preview: Taskmaster

Greg Davies, the Golden Bust, and little Alex Horne are here to test the loyalty of their royal gameshow subjects. Photo: Channel 4

Five foolhardy souls desperate to get a hold of Greg’s regal golden head on their mantelpiece this time are: Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell. This quintet attempts a number of pointless quests that test their ingenuity, dexterity and calmness under extreme pressure. 

In this episode, the five comics on the roster continue their triumphant battle, against all odds to put “Taskmaster Champion” on their CV. The lengths to which they’ll go in the hope of being crowned grow ever longer. 

Desiree Burch draws on her fac, Guz Khan squares up against a ball to the groin and Alan Davies loses an eye… Alex Horne makes notes and adds them to his big Taskmaster database.

Taskmaster – Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4