Preview – Tattoo Fixers: Most Shocking

Tattoo Fixers

Tattoos.  A divisive subject for many in modern society given their, sometimes misguided, association with punk culture. When done well, the inked-up artwork can and should be celebrated and admired for both the artists prowess and their meanings in much the same way as you would a painting or piece of traditional art. When it rains it pours when it comes to tattoos, however, and when done badly they can go horrendously badly.

That is where the Tattoo Fixers; artists Jay, Sketch, Alice and Glenn along with bubbly receptionist Paisley, come into their own. The series follows the group of artists as they try to fix and cover some of the nation’s most appauling ink creations with masterful pieces of art, at the behest of their disgruntled clients. As we come to the finale of the latest season, we take a look back at some of the most embarassing, bizarre and downright shocking tattoos ever featured on the show. With the artists talking eachother through their own personal worsts, kick back, relax and let the cringworthiness ensue.


Tattoo Fixers: Most Shocking – Tuesday 9:00pm on E4