Film of the day – Team America: World Police

Team America

Just a forewarning: if you don’t like or are in any way offended by the type of humour boasted by the South Park franchise, steer clear of this film. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of the aforementioned South Park series, Team America adopts the duo’s trademarked comedy style, filled to the brim with foul language, absurdly offensive stereotypes and obscenity; all the ingredients for a wholly offensive and farcical film – and it is to be fair – but one which is so bad its good and will have you in stitches from beginning to end.

Played out by a cast of puppets the film centres on Team America – a specialist counter-terrorist strike force who secretly reside in a base within Mount Rushmore. After a number of operations go awry and the number and severity of terrorist incidents begins to rise, Broadway actor Gary Johnston – who becomes the protagonist of the film – is brought into the team to help them infiltrate terrorist cells across the world. The team must set aside their differences and work together to combat a resurgent terrorist threat, the malevolent dictator who is supplying them and a whole host of liberal Hollywood A-listers – making up the Film Actors Guild – who consistently stand against them.

Team America: World Police – Tuesday 10:00pm on Sky Cinema Greats.