Preview – Ted


Comedian/impressionist Seth MacFarlane lends his voice to a thirty something-year-old man’s living stuffed bear, Ted, in this hilariously crude 2012 comedy. Co-starring alongside MacFarlane’s Ted is Mark Wahlberg who plays the cuddly toy’s childhood best friend, John Bennett, alongside Family Guy mainstay Mila Kunis and Giovanni Ribisi.

An 8-year old boy’s wish comes true one Christmas night when his stuffed bear, Ted, comes to life, forming a friendship which would span for decades. Fast-forward 27 years and the boy, John Bennett, and Ted still live with each other, enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle despite both being 35-years-old. When his girlfriend expresses her reservations towards moving their relationship forward with Ted still such an integral part of his life, John must choose between his head and heart, causing the two best friends to clash.

Ted – Friday 9:00pm on ITV2.