Preview – Television’s Opening Night: How the Box Was Born

Television’s Opening Night

On 2nd November 1936, the very first official broadcast was made on British television, from Alexandria Palace. What happen to this remarkable programme? It was lost.

80 years later a team of experts, namely Dallas Campbell, Prof. Danielle George and Dr. Hugh Grant, are to attempt to recreate the original broadcast, using the exact same technology as they would have had back then.

This programme looks at the rival TV systems, as John Logie Baird was not the only person pioneering television technology, the differences in attitudes between the high-minded radio and more bawdy variety shows, and meet people who are still alive today who helped work on the opening night, including one of the performers on the night and Logie Baird’s assistant, now aged 104.

Television’s Opening Night: How the Box Was Born is on BBC Four at 21.00.