Preview: Thatcher: A Very British Revolution

Thatcher: A Very British Revolution

This five-part ode to the UK’s first female prime minister will have been a very uncomfortable watch for many communities whose livelihoods were torn asunder by the policies pursued by Margaret Thatcher.

Marking 40 years since she came to power, the BBC presents the defining story of the woman and the era when she dominated the political and social landscape.

Vivid archive footage from the time – ranging from the violent and visceral to the intimate and unseen – offers a candid portrait of a remarkable politician who drove through a seismic shift in how the UK operated.

In this penultimate episode, we hear that as Mrs Thatcher’s government transforms the economy, tensions erupt within her inner circle and personal relationships in her own family are exposed.

As divisive now as she was when alive, Margaret Thatcher is held as a beacon of enterprise by those who profited from her free market stance,  while for those in the once industrial north and south Wales and in Scotland, her name is enough to open raw wounds and continues to evoke feelings of deep bitterness and resentment. 

Thatcher: A Very British Revolution – Monday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.