Preview – The 100

the 100

A hidden gem of sorts, living in the shadows of its big-buck rival HBO series, the 100 crashes back onto British screens this week with the first of thirteen episodes in its fifth series. The new season, starring long-serving mainstays Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley and Richard Harmon – amongst other returning cast members – is complimented by the addition of Peaky Blinders’ Jordan Bolger and Love Actually’s Ivana Milicevic.

After surviving the seemingly inescapable nuclear meltdown across the planet at the end of the last season, we pick up with Clarke who is in dire straits, traversing deserts, wastelands and forests in search of food and water. The episode then cuts between the group who travelled back up to the arc to survive – who now watch the planet from the series’ original space station – and those who were left behind on and under the ground. In the 6 years that the planet has taken to become pseudo-habitable again, a lot has changed and now with a new unknown faction coming into the fray, the characters fans have fallen in love with face a fresh battle for survival in a world where – as has been proven in the past – nobody is safe.


The 100 – Wednesday 9:00pm on E4.