Preview: The Andrew Neil Interviews

Andrew Nei

Political commentator Andrew Neil interviews Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson about their credentials and suitability to lead the government of the United Kingdom.

After a belligerent, loose and unconvincing performance by Boris Johnson in the ITV head-to-head debate, the former foreign secretary will be hoping that in more intimate surroundings he’ll be able to dominate the conversation with his unique brand of personality politics. Johnson has no shortage of support at grass roots level with this flag-waving jam tomorrow promises but he has yet to win over many of his Parliamentary colleagues. 

Jeremy Hunt, Johnson’s opponent in the leadership run-off, has found it difficult to convince in the shires but is considered a safer pair of hands by those in Westminster. But does he have the gravitas and necessary experience of statesmanship for the top job. 

One thing is for sure, if either of the candidates thinks he can wing it during this forensic Q&A with Neil, they had better think again. Britain deserves much better.

The Andrew Neil Interviews: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – Friday ar 7.00pm on BBC One.