Preview: The Andrew Neil Show

Andrew Neil Show

At a momentous time for British politics, the UK’s pre-eminent political interviewer takes on all the most important stories, explaining why they matter – and puts the big questions to those making the decisions.

As the Conservatives gather for their annual conference in Birmingham, wrestle with the fallout of the mini-budget that didn’t have Cabinet approval, a succession of car crash interviews from the PM and rumours of disquiet among Tory backbenchers, Neil scrutinises Conservative plans to tackle the cost of living crisis and also takes a look at the other major stories of the week.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, all those major talking points centre on them. The unfortunate Paul Scully was wheeled out in Manchester for last week’s BBC Question Time, who will be served up to face Andrew Neil’s questions today?

The Andrew Neil Show – Sunday at 5.45pm on Channel 4.

Image: Channel 4, Ashley Verse.