Preview – The Apprentice

The Apprentice

A seasonally boozy task awaits  the candidates this week as the teams are summoned to the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich and invited to develop and pitch a new gin product to the drinks market.

Lord Sugar has £250k for the candidate who can convince him they have the commercial acumen to make his investment worthwhile. It is something of a surprise then, with the final in sight, that the teams perform like a bunch of undisciplined simpletons.

Ensuring your product is fit for market is good practice. Overdoing it on a taste test is not, especially so, when the product is mother’s ruin. Still, one team’s downfall should be the other’s gain – unless, of course, you have completely misjudged the market and key buyers reveal they don’t like the colour, taste or branding of the gin.

Proving something we’ve suspected all through this season of The Apprentice; the show is a thin parody of its former self, and if you scratch at the candidates’ thin veneer of executive gloss there is very little underneath. Teams combust from within, tempers flare and egos burn. For instant idiots, just add alcohol!

The Apprentice – Thursday 9pm on BBC1.

Image: Boundless / Screen Grab