Preview: The Apprentice

The Apprentice

The mother of all job interviews is nearing its end, but I’m no clearer which of the remaining candidates has the necessary business acumen and gravitas to ensure that Lord Sugar’s investment stake isn’t flushed straight down the drain. But whether they have it or they don’t, The Apprentice continues to deliver some brilliant TV moments.

It is estimated that one in five CEOs displays psychopathic behaviours; the hallmarks of the psychopathic personality involve egocentric, grandiose behaviour, completely lacking empathy and conscience. What we have witnessed over the past 12 weeks are the clumsy, inarticulate first steps of a new generation of psychopaths; we have seen all of the above traits in spades from the wannabe business leaders. This lot will literally trample over each other to gain the smallest crumb of favour from the former Amstrad boss.

This week, it’s time to put the business plans of the candidates under the meticulous gaze of trusted Sugar confidentes Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Mike Soutar and Linda Plant. After plans are scrutinised and characters questioned, Lord Sugar selects his two finalists.

The Apprentice BBC One Thursday at 9.00pm