Preview – The Apprentice

Karthik and Dillon The Apprentice

Meh, you know the feeling? What’s going on with The Apprentice?

Once upon a time, there were candidates who could justifiably say they had the skill set and aptitude to warrant a place at the side of the business magnate, Lord Sugar. Of course, there were exceptions, notably the loathsome narcissist Katie Hopkins, who seems to have been the template for all subsequent contestants on the show.

This week, Nebula and Titan head off to the Poole Harbour Boat Show, with a brief to select and sell marine-based goods.

Karthik, being excellent at all things related to sales, steps up as project manager for Titan. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get there, which is a shame for the other team members, as there will be no deviation from Mr Nagesan’s plan.

However, best-laid plans and all that … both teams pick the same product to sell, the rain arrives and the punters evaporate. Tough selling conditions but who will prevail. See you in the boardroom, Karthik!

The Apprentice –  Thursday 9pm on BBC One.