Preview – The Art That Made Mexico: Paradise, Power and Prayers

The Art That Made Mexico
Picture Shows: Alinka Echeverria sitting on rocks at Paricutin. Image Credit: BBC/Red Sky Productions/Graeme Hart.

Following on from The Art of Japanese Life that aired on BBC Four earlier this year, we now examine Mexican art.

Artist Alinka Echeverría is our guide in this programme, examining art 100 years after the country became independent, beginning with how artists tried to shrug off the influence of Europeans and re-connect with art before the Spanish arrived in the country.

Also aired alongside this is Handmade in Mexico, featuring local objects being made from scratch. The first episode looks at the huipil, a type of tunic.

The Art That Made Mexico is on BBC Four at 21.00. Handmade in Mexico follows at 22.00.