Preview – The Attack: Terror in the UK

This World: The Attack: Terror in the UK

With the recent Paris attacks still at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the UK is on high alert. The Attack: Terror In The UK, is a drama-documentary following the stories from inside the UK’s counter terrorism unit.

It’s a scary thought but there are more than a thousand high-priority terrorism suspects in the UK but even with heightened surveillance, there are only enough surveillance officers to monitor a fraction of these at any time.

As part of the BBC’s This World series, the program tells the story of an ISIS-inspired terrorist group planning a firearms attack, and follows the on-going police investigation. It focuses on Joseph, a young man who, while in prison for drug charges, is recruited by Ahmed, an Islamic extremist who converts him to the Muslim faith and along with other inmates radicalises him.

The Attack: Terror in the UK, Thursday, 9pm – BBC Two