Preview – The Battle for Britain’s Heroes

The Battle for Britain's Heroes
Presenter Afua Hirsch. Picture Publicist: Nathalie Mohoboob. Photographer: Rory Mulvey.

Journalist and writer Afua Hirsch has one or two issues with some of the historical figures that most of the British public revere.

There is debate among some people about whether people with now controversial or even bigoted views that were honoured with statues decades and centuries ago should have their statues removed. Hirsch argues that some of these controversial figures are the most well known in British history. For example, Lord Nelson supported slavery. Given this, should he be honoured?

Safe to say, her opinions don’t go down well with everyone. In the programme she tracks down people trolling her online, and also confronts MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Battle for Britain’s Heroes is on Channel 4 at 21.00.