Preview – The Bermuda Triangle Enigma

Bermuda Triangle

Natural disasters? Rogue Tidal waves? Supernatural involvement? The Bermuda triangle and its mysterious capability to make ships “disappear” has baffled researchers, investigators and reporters for centuries and Channel 5’s latest 3-part documentary series aims to explore the world’s most famous nautical mystery.

The Gadget Show’s Ortis Deley unravels the fate of five naval aircraft lost without a trace while, elsewhere, Rick Edwards finds out about the Fata Morgana -a type of mirage which would historically deceive seafarers into thinking there was land or other ships nearby when in reality there would be nothing there. The two presenters try to get a better understanding of how and why so many ships and aircraft have disappeared; looking past the folklore to see whether the region is really just home to a number of tragic accidents or if there is any truth to the legends.


The Bermuda Triangle Enigma – Monday 9:00pm on Channel 5.