Preview: The Best of British Takeaways

Cherry Healey, Tom Kerridge - The Best of British Takeaways

As Brits our takeaway obsession is reaching new highs, Britain is now serving more takeout meals that anywhere else in Europe. Although takeaways have a series impact on our nations worsening diets, there are plenty of honest and award-winning takeaways that trump the quality of main-stream restaurants.

Presenters Tom Kerridge and Cherry Healey are on a mission to uncover these takeaway gems. For the final episode the pair turn their attention to one of Britain’s favourites, the Indian takeout.

Tom Kerridge travels the country to find out what makes the best Indian curry and uncovers the trade secrets behind our takeaways, while Cherry Healey explores the fascinating stories that helped shape our communities and learns how Queen Victoria put curry on the British menu.

Finally three on the nations’ award winning-winning Indian takeaway chefs visit Bradford to battle for the title of best British curry.

The Best of British Takeaways, Tuesday, 7pm – BBC Two