Preview – The Best of British Takeaways

Cherry Healey, Tom Kerridge - The Best of British Takeaways

With an increase in obesity rates across Britain, it is no surprise that the NHS is under pressure and it’s all down to our change in diets. As a nation, we love takeaways and spend a whopping six billion pounds on them every year.

BBC Two’s new series, The Best of British Takeaways, celebrates the British obsession for a takeout and sets out on a journey to discover the best of them.

Presented by by Cherry Healey and Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, each episode focuses on a different classic: fish and chips, Chinese and Indian. Cherry and Tom will look at the history behind them and three award-winning chefs will then take part in a contest to find out what makes the best British takeaway.

In episode one, Michelin star Chef Tom Kerridge travels the country to find out what makes the best fish and chips and the trade secrets behind them, leading him to one of Britain’s oldest fishing ports, Brixham Harbour.

Set against each other, three of the nation’s favourite fish and chip shops are invited to take part in a chip-off, in which it falls to Tom and fish restaurateur Mitch Tonks, to crown the winner.

The Best of British Takeaways, Tuesday, 7pm – BBC Two