Preview – The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

How can a young photographer, whose terminal skin condition has taken his hands and leaves him in constant agony, pick up his camera and continue doing what he loves? This is the challenge taken up by award-winning design engineer Jude Pullen, in BBC Two’s, The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve, in which design, engineer and computer experts help to solve everyday, life-changing problems.

In Episode one we meet James, who relies of his passion for taking photographs to distract him from the pain he faces every day, Graphic Designer Emma who, as a result of her Parkinson’s disease, has developed a tremor preventing her from drawing a straight line and we are taken to a remote village in Wales, where cutting-edge technology is brought into the community that resides in an internet black spot.

As we marvel at the brilliant and innovative minds of the experts, their ‘simple’ solutions are truly life-changing and the impact they have is sure to having you passing the tissues.

The Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve, BBC Two, 7 December at 9pm