Preview: The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family

Rafaëlle Cohen stars as Anne in the docuseries. Photo: BBC

In the third of this epic three-part series, we chart the rise and fall of the Boleyn family; a story of love, sex, betrayal and power, it is told from the perspective of one of England’s most unique families.

Anne makes her play for the biggest prize in the kingdom – to become Queen to Henry VIII – but in doing so, changes the course of British and European history. Historians including Greg Walker, Gareth Russell, Shelley Conn and Leanda de Lisle will each offer a different idea of the time and what really happened in those divisive days.

With the highest title in the land in her grasp, Anne’s fate is sealed, and a nation will have no choice but to make their own judgement on the family. What happens in the end will decide the way we look at those involved for hundreds of years after.

The Boleyns – Friday at 9pm, BBC Two