Preview: The British Tribe Next Door

The British Tribe Next Door


In this ground-breaking new series, Scarlett Moffatt and her family are plucked from the UK and transplanted into a replica of their terraced family home – complete with running water, electricity and their possessions around them – slap bang in the middle of a remote Namibian village.

The second episode finds The Moffatts getting to grips with their new life in Otjeme. Scarlett is initially surprised to discover that, despite being married, her friends Kandisiko and Kaitaarua are also allowed to have multiple partners… as are their husbands.

Betty also talks polygamy with her new friend Ueripanga, as the differences between the two communities’ attitudes to sex and relationships become very evident.

Mark, meanwhile, is gifted six cattle and told he needs to be able to care for them if he is to be a true Himba man, as the animals equate to personal wealth. But when Mark quickly loses all six cattle, he must spend the next three days on a desperate hunt to track them down, and the Himba men don’t hold back telling him how foolish he’s been.

The British Tribe Next Door – Tuesday at 9.15pm on Channel 4.