Preview: The Chef’s Brigade

Jay - The Chef's Brigade

After a challenging start in Italy, the Brigade land in Bergen, Norway – a rising star on the Scandinavian food scene. The challenge for the Brigade here is to get to grips with the clean, fresh flavours of the regional produce and try to emulate the precise and beautiful style of well-regarded local chef Christopher Haatuft’s award-winning restaurant.

Jason knows that the step up in complexity will be a huge challenge for his Brigade and decides to bring in a more mature chef, Simon, to bolster his Brigade – leaving the rest of the chefs nervous that one of them will be going home. Along with Dale and Andy, Jason immerses the 11 chefs into the specifics of Scandinavian cooking and ingredients, but even making a seemingly simple venison stew is not as easy as it first appears for our young chefs.

A lacklustre performance from gastro-pub chef Jay leaves Jason unimpressed, and sushi chef Frankie’s difficulty in understanding what it is he is tasting leads Jason to worry that he has a less than perfect palate – a big problem for a professional chef. With only a few days to teach his Brigade how to cook the delicate, artfully flavourful dishes chosen by rival head chef Christopher before they cook for a restaurant full of locals and three expert judges, Jason must make some difficult decisions about who will make up his Brigade for the final service.

The Chef’s Brigade – Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.