Preview – The Circle: live final

The Circle - Alice Levine - Maya Jama

So, 18 days in and this is the final instalment of The Circle. But should it be?

I flitted in and out of the show and have seen nothing to convince me that these people should be allowed to exit the social media bubble they help to power. The correct decision of the final ought to be a stalemate; a dead heat necessitating all involved to remain in The Circle for as long as the Truman Show-like interest persists. Surely that would be a more productive use of the power of social media?

As it stands, unless Channel 4 wants to heed this advice, the remaining players leave their apartments and come face to face as it’s revealed who is the most popular and has got their hands on the £50,000 prize.

The Circle – Live final – Monday 10.00pm on Channel 4.