Preview – The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

The Cruise

It’s not quite Carry on Cruising, but it will do, the series following life aboard one of the world’s largest luxury cruise liners the Royal Princess (the previous series featured the Regal Princess) on a summer season in the Mediterranean.

Tonight it’s the beginning of the busy summer season sailing round the Mediterranean and the ship is fully booked. As the crew race to get the ship ready for departure from Athens, making up beds in almost 1,800 cabins – the hordes of passengers begin to arrive.

On the bridge is brand new officer Lauren who’s never worked on a ship as big or complex as Royal Princess. Before the Captain will sign her off to man the ship’s controls she faces a series of tests. Her first job on board is to help with an anchor drop in one of the itinerary’s most demanding locations – the beautiful island of Santorini. Lauren must prove that she has got what it takes to get the job done safely.

And while passengers enjoy the finest cuisine on board, munching their way through a whopping 110 tons of food each week, the unenviable job of keeping the ship’s 3,000 lavatories in good working order falls to hotel services engineer Scott.

At passenger services, while front desk hopeful Nico struggles through a trial shift, experienced passenger services agent Timothy needs all his inimitable humour and charm to deal with a case of lost luggage. A Scottish family who are on the cruise to forget their troubles are threatening to fly home if he doesn’t get their bags back pronto. Narrated by Hugh Bonneville.

The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean – Thursday 8.30pm on ITV.