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Donald Trump

After a weekend of Trump-dominated ructions what else could today’s Daily Politics discuss other than the bequiffed one’s border policy and its implications for UK citizens and relations.

Was it too much to expect of the prime minister that she raise concerns over the much-criticised Trump campaign pledge on her recent visit? Theresa May and her advisers have pinned their hopes on establishing a successful trade partnership with the new President of the United States and she instead used her time to pay tribute rather than chasten.

With Trump now committed to a state visit, Mrs May has put the Queen in the unenviable position of welcoming to the country a man who is actively discriminating against UK citizens whose place of birth is on the list of proscribed nations.

The British public is less enamoured with the property magnate’s stance and at this time a petition has gathered more than 1000,000 signatures since the executive order was signed on Friday.

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