Preview – The Enfield Haunting

The Enfield Haunting

Timothy Spall tackles Britain’s most notorious “haunting” of modern times, one which has been latched onto by Hollywood and been very much embellished with fantasy; The Enfield Haunting. Appearing alongside Spall; Juliet Stevenson features as his wife, Betty Grosse, while Matthew Macfadyen dons the mantle of renowned paranormal investigator, Guy Lyon Playfair.

The series is set in 1977 London. In this debut episode – the first of three – a family’s home shows signs of poltergeist activity, prompting them to ask Maurice Grosse, a psychic investigator, for help. He is joined by another researcher, Guy Playfair, who develops a partnership with Grosse, with the two investigators soon finding themselves embroiled in a media storm. As the two delves deeper into the mystery of Enfield’s haunted house, Playfair’s beliefs are soon tested.


The Enfield Haunting – Friday 10:00pm on Sky Living.