Preview – The Fake Murder that Fooled the World: Panorama


At the end of May 2018, Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was shot and killed in what would be the first of a string of assassinations – or so the world thought. In actuality the “murder” was a part of an elaborate operation staged by the Ukrainian secret service, the SBU, which ambitiously aimed to reveal the people behind a hit-list of key political opponents and defectors. Panorama’s Jonah Fisher travels to the Ukraine to meet with Babchenko’s would-be assassin and to provide most complete accounts of one of modern history’s most daring spy operations.

An out-spoken critic of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Arkady Babchenko was announced to have had been murdered in the Kiev at the end of May this year but resurfaced, alive and well, at a press conference the following day, claiming he his supposed murder was faked in a secretive operation conducted by the SBU. Panorama’s Jonah Fisher talks to all the major players in the case to find out how they staged the murder, why they did it and in the propaganda war between the truth and fake news, what, if anything, did it achieve?


The Fake Murder that Fooled the World – Monday 8:30pm on BBC1.