Preview: The Family Brain Games

The Family Brain Game

Over the past two weeks, eight incredible families have been pushed to their limits in The Family Brain Games lab, as they have faced the ultimate test of cross-generational brain power.

Success has not been about individual IQ, but how they’ve excelled as a team. Five families have fallen and now only three remain for the final showdown.

Tonight is the grand final of The Family Brain Games tournament and the three sharpest families are attempting the final super-charged challenges with ultimate levels of difficulty. They will play two cognitive challenges, followed by a further round of the fiendishly difficult Interrogation game. We will say goodbye to one family, leaving the remaining two families in direct competition for the final as they go head-to-head in The Ultimate Brain Game.

With the stakes never higher, who will triumph and be crowned the winner, taking home the 2019 trophy?

The Family Brain Games – Thursday at 8.00pm on BBC 2.