Preview – The Funeral Murders

The Funeral Murders
The triple funeral for the Gibraltar Three (Sean Savage, Dan McCann and Mairead Farrell) in Belfast, 16th March 1988. Image Credit: BBC/Chris Steele-Perkins.

This documentary follows one of the most disturbing events during the Troubles of Northern Ireland.

In March 1988, a series of killings took place. First, three IRA members were killed by the SAS after they planned to bomb a parade in Gibraltar. Then at their jointed funeral a loyalist paramilitary attacked the funeral, killing three people and injuring another 60. In another funeral for one of those killed by the loyalist, two British Army corporals were beaten to death after being mistaken for loyalist paramilitaries.

This programme talks to people on both sides of the conflict in order to understand what happened during these events.

The Funeral Murders is on BBC Two at 21.00.