Preview: The Great Bear Stakeout

The Great Bear Stakeout
A team of naturalists and filmmakers are on a secret (and dangerous) mission to capture some bears… on film that is. Photo: BBC

In this episode we meet Parsnip, a first-time grizzly mum, and her young cub, Pushki. Only half of new bear cubs make it through the season, and they are both struggling to survive in this vast Alaskan wilderness.

A massive male bear, Van, and his partner Alice, a prized female bear with an aggressive and sinister side, rule this area. Hungry adult bears will kill cubs, so Parsnip’s summer is full of unexpected adventure; she must escape Van’s clutches and learn from her mistakes if she and her cub are to survive the season.

The Great Bear Stakeout – Monday at 4.15pm on BBC Two