Preview: The Great British Dig: History In Your Back Garden

The Great British Dig
There is more beneath the ground than worms and rocks as we will be keen to see. Photo: Channel 4

Hugh Dennis and expert archaeologists travel to ordinary back gardens around the UK. Armed only with a trowel and brush and heap of determination, they attempt to reveal the lost history buried under our lawns and flowerbeds.

Locals will join in the fun and get digging too, who knows what they might find? In this episode, Hugh and the team have hopes to find a Viking burial ground under the North Yorkshire town of Masham.

The dig HQ is set up in the town square and pits and trenches are made across town. With careful precision they dig their way through Masham’s history, uncovering further evidence about the time period of those who were laid to rest here. They learn more about the Anglo-Saxons than expected, who lived and died in Masham over 1000 years ago.

The Great British Dig – Sunday at 7pm on Channel 4