Preview: The Great British Menu

great british menu

I like The Great British Menu, I really do, even if it is a bit ‘other worldy’. Let’s be honest, when it comes to tea time (dinner if you live in the south), we don’t all reach for the panko breadcrumbs, quince paste and dried mugwort. Watching GBM and salivating as a high-end chef cooks pork chops sous vide – while you just slam them under the grill, encapsulates perfectly the contradiction of aspiration versus reality (laziness) that makes this show a compulsive view.

Tonight, we reach the dessert course and the final chance for the chefs of Northern Ireland to impress. It has been a tightly-fought battle all week, Shauna edged ahead yesterday with her main – but the other two are only one point behind.

Tommy and James are both using passion fruit in their complex dishes, while Shauna is hoping to use her pastry chef training to score full marks. James also travels to Belfast to find out about the work of the ambulance emergency call centre.

Who will make it to tomorrow’s final and the judging chamber?

The Great British Menu – Thursday 7.30pm on BBC2.