Preview: The Great Game

The Great Game - Vladimir Aleksić as Sasha Kirillov

Series 1, episode 5

Francesco Montanari plays football agent Corso Manni whose goal is to claw his way to the top in The Great Game.

Corso has a cathartic experience in the villa where he and Elena lived when they were married. Lagioia shines at AC Milan but Assari, unsupervised by Corso, ends up undermining the relationship with the player.

Valeria resigns as Elena’s assistant. An all-out war breaks out between Elena and Dino, who finds a precious ally in Corso, as Kirillov tries to take possession of the precious land owned by ISG.

The Great Game

Friday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and Now.

Image: Federica Di Benedetto/ © 2022 Sky Italia.

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