Preview – The Gypsies Next Door

Gypsies Next Door

The latest of Channel 5’s hard-hitting documentaries, The Gypsies Next Door takes a look lives of those belonging to what is arguably the most vilified community in modern Britain; Travellers.

The four-part series investigates why such a divide between the travelling community and the permanent residents they live side-by-side with has come about. Is it, as is so often the case, a fundamental misunderstanding and break-down of communication, or does the blame lie with either party?

This week, in the series’ first episode, we meet Johnny whose life on the road – ostracised by those who don’t share their lifestyle – has become too much for his non-traveller wife, Andrea. Elsewhere, Carol questions why her community is hated so broadly around the country despite her efforts to build a rapport her new neighbours, while local man Arthur is on a mission to understand what brings travellers to parks and public areas.

The Gypsies Next Door – Thursday 9:00pm on Channel 5.