Preview: The Hairy Bikers Go North

Hairy Bikers
Si and Dave take up arms – carrying bags of flour – at one of the last windmills in use in the UK. Photo: BBC

The Hairy Bikers are riding through the amazing scenery of the Peak District. Created in 1951, it was the UK’s first national park and is visited by 13 million people every year. But this place isn’t just for tourists – the fields, farms and fine folk of the Peaks produce some of the country’s best food.

Starting in the world-famous Chatsworth House, the pair head through the village of Heage, home to one of Britain’s last windmills still in use, before setting up base in the manor house of Harthill Hall.

From there, they head to the village of Eyam to meet Stella, a former UN aid worker who now runs a Cameroonian restaurant. Finally, after learning about the history of the Buxton pudding, they throw a picnic to thank the park rangers, who look after the Peak District so well.

Along the way, they cook a traditional breakfast, some spicy patties and a picnic made of scotch eggs, custard tarts and some sweet cookies.

The Hairy Bikers Go North – Thursday at 8pm on BBC Two